About phpmillion

Everything you want to know


phpmillion is a private European Union based company offering handful PHP scripts for individuals and professional PHP developers. Being qualified coding specialists, we know it’s always a better idea to use an existing app instead of making new one. For this reason, we dedicate PHP applications to everyone who needs working, time-proven solutions right here, right now – without months of coding. But enough from us. Now it’s your turn.


To begin with, all phpmillion programmers started their initial careers in early 2000s being only 15-18 years old. For the most part, our very first projects were computer software related websites, shared web hosting services, and custom mods for the most popular content management systems of that time. Soon enough, we started coding simple PHP scripts for personal use.

Later, one of developers shared his unique PHP application on a popular webmasters forum. Not only fellow webmasters found it useful, but also asked for paid features. As a result, he converted whole code into a more powerful commercial version and made hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings during its existence.

Eventually, after coding and selling PHP scripts individually for another 10 years, we decide to unite our skills and experience to create even better products. Hence, it was the official birthday of phpmillion – a group of experienced developers who earned big from pure PHP and were ready to help others.

Our very first product was Auto PHP Licenser – a sophisticated PHP license manager script to completely protect PHP code from unauthorized installation and usage. As a matter of fact, we successfully used it in our own solutions since 2006.

And this was just the beginning…

4 Professional Developers
17 Years Coding
74 Companies Served
120 Projects Completed

September 2017

phpmillion makes it possible for everyone to send email after death with revolutionary Dead Man Switch script.

May 2017

Finally, extended testing is over and phpmillion website along with first complete product goes live.

September 2016

The first product – Auto PHP Licenser – is unofficially published as Beta version and is sent to 100+ developers for real-life testing and bug fixing.

July 2016

Designing, coding, re-coding and testing of phpmillion’s first product begins.

June 2016

4 experienced PHP developers join their forces. In short, it’s an unofficial birthday of phpmillion.

Early 2007 - Middle 2016

The same programmers continue working on separate PHP applications and constantly improving their knowledge for another 10 years.

Late 2006

The very first script gets converted into a more powerful commercial version and starts selling at $150 like crazy.

Early 2006

Meanwhile, one of programmers shares his unique PHP applications on a popular webmasters forum. In a moment, webmasters ask for paid features.

Early 2000s

4 wannabe programmers start working on their early projects.