Auto PHP Licenser Changelog

Each and every awesome change of PHP license system


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Version 1.6, Released on 2017-11-10

  • Added: aplUninstallLicense function for user to uninstall his own license inside protected script;
  • Added: option to uninstall your own license via administration dashboard;
  • Added: additional security check during administrator login verification;
  • Added: reports with administrator IP address for every successful/failed login;
  • Added: administration dashboard displays licenses with expiring support;
  • Updated: automatic upgrade module;
  • Updated: included demo scripts;
  • Updated: built-in Help section;
  • Updated: documentation;
  • Improved: callbacks module performance;


Version 1.5, Released on 2017-10-24

  • Added: option to set support expiration date separately from updates expiration date;
  • Added: notification_support_expired case to be used when user’s support is expired;
  • Added: aplVerifySupport function to verify user’s support inside protected script;
  • Added: option to automatically send reminder emails to clients about expiring license, updates, and support;
  • Added: Customize Emails section to modify reminder emails for license, updates, and support expirations;
  • Added: Email Settings section to configure reminder email settings;
  • Added: Reminder emails cronjob;
  • Added: CRONJOB_DEBUG option to debug cronjobs;
  • Added: %CLIENT_FNAME%, %CLIENT_LNAME%, %LICENSE_SUPPORT_DATE%, %PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION%, %PRODUCT_URL_DOWNLOAD%, %PRODUCT_URL_HOMEPAGE% variables in license notifications and reminder emails;
  • Updated: automatic license code generator;
  • Updated: included demo scripts;
  • Updated: Twig templating engine to version 1.35.0;
  • Updated: built-in Help section;
  • Updated: documentation;
  • Improved: new versions parsing module;
  • Fixed: bug in database upgrade module;
  • Fixed: bug in License Notifications section;


Version 1.4.3, Released on 2017-10-03

  • Added: option to automatically generate license codes for anonymous licenses;
  • Updated: built-in Help section;


Version 1.4.2, Released on 2017-09-21

  • Added: html-compress-twig module to automatically minify web module source code;
  • Updated: DataTables module to version 1.10.16;
  • Improved: page load speed when thousands of licenses exist in database;


Version 1.4.1, Released on 2017-09-18

  • Added: option to search for installations by licensed email or license code via API;
  • Updated: built-in Help section;


Version 1.4, Released on 2017-09-04

  • Changed: all data encryption modules use OpenSSL instead of Mcrypt;
  • Changed: encryption salt can contain any number of symbols now;
  • Updated: included demo scripts;
  • Updated: built-in Help section;
  • Updated: DataTables module to version 1.10.15


Version 1.3, Released on 2017-08-28

  • Added: additional API permissions check;
  • Added: notification_license_corrupted case to be used when verification can’t be performed because of non-installed or corrupted license ;
  • Added: APL_NOTIFICATION_LICENSE_CORRUPTED message to be used with notification_license_corrupted case;
  • Changed: license verification module forces additional check of core settings, license data, and user data before connecting to licensing server;
  • Changed: license signature is only generated and/or verified when licensing server’s IP can be validated;
  • Changed: client_id variable doesn’t need to be submitted to API to issue or modify anonymous licenses;
  • Changed: previous callbacks are now displayed even if corresponding product is deleted;
  • Updated: all functions that interact with MySQL database;
  • Updated: automatic license generator;
  • Updated: data validation and sanitization modules;
  • Updated: authorized user validation function;
  • Updated: included demo script;
  • Updated: built-in Help section;
  • Updated: documentation;
  • Updated: Twig templating engine to version 1.34.4
  • Updated: whole code reduced by 500+ lines;
  • Improved: more accurate detection of improperly configured mysqlnd driver on user’s server;


Version 1.2, Released on 2017-06-26

  • Changed: API calls don’t require client_cancel_date and license_cancel_date parameters now;
  • Changed: callback reports now display statuses Success/Failure instead of Active/Inactive;
  • Updated: automatic upgrade module;
  • Updated: Help section;
  • Improved: database performance;
  • Fixed: “undefined variable” error in license callback file when license doesn’t exist;
  • Fixed: “undefined variable” error in demo script installer;


Version 1.1, Released on 2017-05-29

  • Added: new demo script with extremely simplified code;
  • Added: API examples also include ready-to-use function to connect to API;
  • Changed: system reports include even more information;
  • Updated: automatic database cleanup module;
  • Updated: documentation;
  • Updated: included demo script;
  • Improved: compatibility with servers running MySQL in STRICT mode;


Version 1.0, Released on 2017-05-16

  • Initial release


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