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A complete protection of any PHP-based code (script, plugin, template, etc.)

No matter the nature of your code, Auto PHP Licenser will effectively protect it in minutes. PHP license manager is compatible with all types of PHP scripts (applications, plugins, templates) developed in any PHP framework..


A protected application will run on any platform with PHP 5.5 or higher (protected applications will work under PHP 5.3 or higher) along with its most popular extensions: MySQLi, cURL and OpenSSL. Since 99% of hosting providers (even free ones) install these extensions by default, your application will be compatible with any server around.

Truly invisible, continuous code protection

Many vendors claim “good protection” by locking script’s files to a particular IP or domain. However, they “forget” to mention that such a method requires manual re-encoding of files for every user. Not only it takes lots of time, but also makes automatic order delivery impossible. Why? Because you need to ask for client’s IP, manually hardcode it to the source code, re-compile application and send it to client.


phpmillion’s solution stores licenses on your server, so you can provide exactly the same files to all clients. Hence, 100% automatic delivery not only becomes available, but also is easy to implement. And because of remote license verification, protection works 24/7, too!

Remote license management in real time

The biggest challenge for software authors is customers who purchase desired products, activate them, and then ask for refunds or even initiate false chargebacks. Under those circumstances, they actually use software for free.


Our PHP license system eliminates this problem once and for all. It stores license data on your server; therefore, every time client launches protected application, it connects to your server for license check. If any of parameters (IP, domain, license status, signature, etc.) doesn’t match, script just stops working. Furthermore, it can automatically delete files from user’s computer if he runs protected script after his license is terminated.

Single installation for unlimited products, clients and licenses

Just install PHP license system web module on your server and use it to manage unlimited products, clients and licenses. Since software stores all the records in a single place, you can access them anywhere and anytime.


Are you on a vacation in the other side of the world? Just grab your phone to add a new client, issue a new or modify an existing license. Also check application’s usage logs, see recent sales, or even remotely deactivate license on client’s computer. All this and even more – just a single lick away.

Lifetime, time-expiring and feature-limited licenses

Issue lifetime, time-expiring, and feature-limited licenses. Or combine all the options together and achieve an unlimited number of possible configurations.


Issue a lifetime license for someone to install two copies of product on specific domains and receive updates for 6 months. Then issue a license of another product to the same client, but allow just one installation and set support contract to expire within 9 months, while license itself will expire another 12 months later. Remember, this is just an example – the possibilities are endless.

IP address and (sub.)domain based restrictions

Restrict licenses to individual IP address or domain, or even both of them to add an extra layer of protection. Bind a license to domain (product will run on, or, subdomain (product will only work on or even a strictly-defined path (product will only run on


You can also require a real and working domain. As a result, PHP license manager will block your script from running on address such as or similar.

Different number of concurrent installations for every license

Not sure what domain or IP client will install your application on? Limit the number of concurrent installations. For instance, set the limit to 1, and client will only be able to perform a second installation after he deletes the first one.


As you would expect from a sophisticated license protection algorithm, a client can always re-install protected script on the same machine an unlimited number of times. Auto PHP Licenser will recognize it’s just a re-installation, so client will not experience any false alarms or errors.

Blocked installation for users without active licenses

Prevent non-licensed users from even running application’s installation wizard. PHP license system can block installer from even being started for someone without an active license or valid purchase code.

No need to enter any serial number or key during installation

Don’t bother your users with easy-to-loose serial numbers or keys. Ask them to input licensed email address instead. PHP license system will use it to verify if person is authorized to run downloaded product on specific machine. A licensing module will allow installation on success, or will block installer on failure.

Automatic license generator for instant activations

Do you sell software on Amazon, eBay, or another marketplace and can’t (or just don’t want to) create client’s profile to manage his licenses? Use automatic license generator!


Just set how many installations license will work for and how long the code will be valid. Now click the Generate button (or issue a license automatically via Auto PHP Licenser’s API) and new license code will be created. Once client inputs this code into your script, his copy will be unlocked.

Automatic license verification every X days/weeks/months/years

It’s no secret that client can cancel his order shortly after downloading product he just purchased. Hence, checking license status during installation doesn’t help much. But there’s a solution!


Just configure how often an automatic license verification should occur, and Auto PHP Licenser will connect to your server every X days/weeks/months/years to verify current license status. Once it detects some change (license expired or terminated, updates expired, etc.), user will see a detailed error message and script will stop working.

Forced license check between automatic verifications

A little extra for someone a bit paranoid. Enable forced verification during custom event and you will be sure the license is really valid and up-to-date.

What is a custom event? Any event you like: an application was just installed or launched for the first time, updates were downloaded, some function was executed, and so on.

Expiring license, updates and support contract notifications

Activate automated reminders feature to notify your clients about expiring licenses, updates, and support contracts to boost your earnings. Just set custom notifications for each event, and Auto PHP Licenser will send reminder emails on your behalf. You can customize each event, too. As an example, you can notify clients 30 days before license expiration, 7 days before updates expiration, and don’t notify them about expiring support at all.

Licensing server block and nullroute protection

Automatic license verification is a great thing, but what if some smart-a** blocks (or nullroutes) your website/IP on his machine? Most of programs would still work after several unsuccessful attempts to establish an Internet connection. Except this one! An application protected by our PHP license management software will only function when your website is accessible from user’s machine and its authenticity can be verified.


Beside that, you can define your own licensing server IP address. Hence, if someone redirects verification requests to his own domain (which will have a different IP, of course), a fatal error will occur.

User data storage in MySQL database or file with any extension

Most likely your application will use a MySQL database. In that case, PHP license system will integrate seamlessly for best user experience possible.


If your script/plugin/template doesn’t use a MySQL database, licensing module can store user details on a separate file. Needless to say, you define its name and location yourself. Naturally, license file is encrypted and application stops working the same second file is modified or deleted.

Removal of data in user's server when illegal license is detected

An absolutely unique feature not available anywhere else! Activate a secret option in PHP license system configuration and it will automatically delete user’s data when someone runs an illegal license and/or tries hacking protection algorithm.


User’s data means a MySQL database and all the files inside directory your script is installed on (including files of other scripts). No one will mess with you again! Ever.

Detailed reports of every installation and license verification

See detailed reports of every installation, successful and failed license verifications, update checks, and other activities. Each report includes a precise description of action performed, an exact date, and other essential data such as client name and email, IP address, domain name, etc.


Got dozens of products used by thousands of clients? Use a built-in real-time search and schedule deletion of old reports every X days to increase database performance.

Full API access for complete automation

If you use a computerized ordering system, take an advantage of powerful Auto PHP Licenser API and automate every single task! Send a simple HTTP request to add or edit any product, client or license.


Add an extra layer of control by creating multiple API keys with different permissions. As a result, only API requests submitted from whitelisted IP address(es) will be accepted.

Guaranteed protection from software piracy since 2006

The very first version of our licensing solution was introduced back in 2006, right after we started selling a simple PHP-based script which had to be protected against unauthorized usage. 10 years later, after earning the first million from coding and selling PHP applications (that’s where phpmillion name comes from), we decided it’s time to release the protection algorithm as a standalone product.


In effect, you get a first-class product that was continuously used for 10+ years in a real life without ever being cracked. And if you take a look at Auto PHP Licenser installation files, you will see this technology is used to protect PHP license system itself. We believe it’s the best proof of company’s word ever, isn’t it?

A real-time monitoring and defense of licenser itself

Sounds too much complicated? Don’t bother yourself with all the nerd stuff. The only thing you need to know is that PHP license manager constantly monitors not only the status of your script, but also itself. Once the module detects someone is trying to replace any file, inject unverified code, modify a smallest bit of data, or perform a similar activity, it blocks application from even being executed.

Super-easy integration into any PHP-based application

PHP license system offers different levels of code protection, but no matter which one you choose, integration is fast and simple. Thus, you don’t need to rewrite existing code or add complex libraries. Instead, just include a few PHP-based files and call one of built-in functions in your application.

Bundled demo scripts and real-life code examples

Explore bundled demo scripts to understand how PHP license management software works. The installation package comes with two real-life scripts for both beginners and more experienced authors.


Programmers with basic PHP skills can follow techniques from minimal demo script to protect their products as simply as adding a few lines of extra code. More experienced users will enjoy full demo script which demonstrates every single feature of PHP license manager. Choose the feature you want to utilize and test the way it works in demo script. It just couldn’t be easier.

Support for all 3rd party PHP obfuscators (encoders)

Unlike less reliable solutions, our PHP license management software doesn’t encrypt your code with a weak, proprietary algorithm. Instead, you can use any PHP obfuscator available, so choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Fully customizable notifications in any language

Your clients will never find out you use our PHP license system to protect your intellectual property. How is it possible? All the messages (successful or failed license check, expired updates, etc.) are 100% customizable. Need to create a product for Japanese market? Why not display “無効なライセンス” instead of “invalid license” then? That’s right, every single element can be tailored to your very personal needs.

Unmatched performance and background updates

No matter how many products and clients you have, license verification don’t cause any server load. A shared hosting account for $1 a month is enough to verify licenses for thousands of clients without any effect to system resources.

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