Send Email After Death

Dead Man Switch

The most important application in your life that will send email after death to your family and loved ones. Just write a letter before you die and Dead Man Switch will take care of the rest.

Once goodbye letters to loved ones are safely stored, Dead Man Switch starts monitoring your activity. In brief, it does so by asking you to login or click a protected verification link at custom intervals. Since your needs are very personal, you can set verification interval between 1 and 365 days. Additionally, you can enable optional grace period. Whenever this time passes by and Dead Man Switch doesn’t detect any activity from you, it automatically sends after death letters to your family and loved ones.

Finally, Dead Man Switch can destruct itself right after sending goodbye letters. As a result, nobody will ever know how many after death letters you wrote and who received them. Say just the things you want and take your secrets to the grave…

The main features include, but are not limited, to:

Unlimited message recipients

Personalized mass text messaging

Grace period for overdue verifications

Two-way data encryption

Detailed activity reports

Custom email templates

Adjustable verification period

Automatic and manual verifications

Data authenticity protection

Easy setup and zero maintenance

Multiple after death letters

Automated verification reminders

IP address based authentications

Self-destruction after death

Death proof design

Dead Man Switch Screenshots

Send email after death to your family and loved ones!