How Do I Send Letter To My Family After My Death?

Dead Man Switch will send after death letters to your family and loved ones

Technical Questions

In brief, just use Dead Man Switch – your life’s most important application. It monitors your activity by asking you to login or click a protected verification link at custom intervals. Once application detects no response for maximum period allowed, it automatically sends after death letters to your family and loved ones.

Since your needs are very personal, you can adjust absolutely anything. For example: verification intervals, grace period for overdue verifications, automated verification reminders, and the list goes on.

Absolutely nothing. The program is self-hosted, eliminating man-in-the-middle factor. For this reason, never again you will need to worry that someone may read your emails, or some company may go out of business.

Any hosting account with PHP 5.5 or higher and MySQLi extension will be fine. Technically speaking, you can install program on any hosting account (even free one).

After Death Letters

You can have unlimited contacts and after death letters. Meanwhile, each contact can have unlimited letters assigned. You can also compose the same after death message to multiple contacts and personalize it using custom variables.

No. Dead Man Switch uses separate processes to send message after death. In other words, none of your loved ones will see each other’s data. Even if you send the same message to multiple recipients.

Everything depends on your personal preferences. By default, program just sends after death letters and stops working. However, you can configure it to automatically delete saved messages or even destruct itself. This way, you have a chance to say just the things you want and take your secrets to the grave…

Other Questions

None. Since Dead Man Switch is a self-hosted application, you never pay any monthly or yearly fees. As a result, application works on its own even after you die.

None. Since you install the application on your webhosting account, only you can access it. Furthermore, Dead Man Switch automatically encrypts data before storing it in database. In addition, software stores decryption key separately, making data decoding an awfully difficult task.

We surely can. All you need to do is contact us with your webhosting account details.

Yes, of course, just contact us for more details. Webhosting server also includes free setup and early updates to new versions.

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