Write a Letter Before You Die

Dead Man Switch features list

Unlimited message recipients

Some may want to send letter after death to the only person in the world. Another will need write numerous goodbye letters to family and loved ones. No matter how many people you want to write a letter before you die, Dead Man Switch will notify all of them.


Of course, there might be situations when you aren’t sure if you really want to contact some person. Take your time and temporarily deactivate his profile without deleting contact details and saved letters. Once you decide, just restore them back.

Custom email templates

Create custom templates and apply them to auto compose goodbye letters to loved ones. Just select a saved template and construct a new message in seconds. Optionally, preview your text, make further changes needed, and safely store it in database in case you die.

Multiple after death letters

Don’t limit your feelings to single letter or recipient. Not only you can write as many goodbye letters to loved ones as you want, but also add an unlimited number of recipients. In addition, you can assign multiple messages to the same person and add/remove contacts to/from saved letters at any time.

Personalized mass text messaging

Whenever you need to send letter after death to multiple recipients, make it personal. Write a letter before you die using built-in variables, and Dead Man Switch will convert them into corresponding names, surnames, birth dates, etc.

Adjustable verification period

Adjust verification period to suit your very personal needs. For example, if you usually never disappear for more than a day, you can even try a daily verification. On the other hand, if you often go away for weeks, you may want to set this period to one month or more. In short, verification interval can vary between 1 and 365 days.

Automated verification reminders

Never miss your next verification by getting notified ahead of time. Enable automated reminder and receive a reminder email every time verification is needed. Depending on your personal preferences, Dead Man Switch can send reminder emails up to 14 days in advance.

Grace period for overdue verifications

Setup an additional grace period during which you will have the final chance to confirm you are alright. As a result, Dead Man Switch will only send goodbye letter to your family if you don’t respond further. Grace period for overdue verifications can last from 1 to 14 days or be disabled completely.

Automatic and manual verifications

Enable automatic verification and mark yourself as alive every time you run Dead Man Switch. Sure enough, this option will only work when you use authorized login credentials to stop someone else from pretending to be you.

IP address based authentications

If you always use the same device to authenticate, lock all operations to specific IP address. In that case, verifications coming from other IP addresses will be blocked for extra protection.

Two-way data encryption

Obviously, goodbye letter to your family will contain highly sensitive information. Hence, you won’t want someone to see it before you die. Dead Man Switch employs secure two-way encryption to obfuscate not only letters, but also contacts’ email addresses. In effect, even if someone gets access to your database, ciphered data is useless to him. Your personal decryption keys are kept separately, making data decoding an awfully difficult task.

Data authenticity protection

Beside strong encryption, application monitors data authenticity and alerts you every time an unauthorized modification occurs. Depending on your preferences, Dead Man Switch can abort further execution, send after death letters instantly, delete saved messages, or even destroy its own data.

Self-destruction after death

Once after death letters are sent, the program can perform self-destruction and wipe its own data. As a result, nobody will ever know how many after death letters you wrote and who received them. Say just the things you want and take your secrets to the grave…

Detailed activity reports

System reports section contains a detailed list of every action performed. No matter if it’s verification or just a minor change, it’s listed here along with IP address, action result, failure reason (if any) and other data. At the same time, a sophisticated cleanup module can remove out-of-date reports to improve database performance.

Easy setup and zero maintenance

Once you configure Dead Man Switch, it doesn’t require any maintenance. Just write a letter before you die and application will work on its own. Even after you die.

Death proof design

The program is self-hosted, eliminating man-in-the-middle factor. For this reason, never again you will need to worry that someone may read your emails, or some company may go out of business. Moreover, you can install multiple copies of Dead Man Switch for ultimate peace of mind.