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    IMPORTANT! Envato support contract does NOT include help with server environment and we are NOT required to provide any support regarding webhosting setup or errors related to server environment.

    But we appreciate your business with us and publish this guide as our good will. If you found this guide helpful, we will appreciate if you rate our product. Thank you!

    Since we receive support requests regarding MySQLi from time to time, we decided to publish this guide for everyone who needs help enabling MySQLi (with mysqlnd driver) on their servers.

    Here's the most important fact: if you see message "MySQLi (with mysqlnd driver) is not available or doesn't work properly on your server" during software installation, please be aware this is server problem and there is absolutely nothing we can help you with.

    Once you launch the installer, it checks if your server has MySQLi (with mysqlnd driver) enabled. If it's not enabled or doesn't work properly, error message is displayed. Since availability of MySQLi/mysqlnd is reported by your server, installer only displays error when your server returns error. With this in mind, only your hosting provider can fix this issue; therefore, please always contact your hosting provider if you can't install software because of MySQLi/mysqlnd error.

    But don't just take our word for it. View the source code of installer and search for "MySQLi (with mysqlnd driver)" part. You will quickly see that your server reports MySQLi/mysqlnd is disabled.

    If that's not enough, create an empty *.php file and enter this code:

    if (!function_exists("mysqli_stmt_get_result"))
        echo "MySQLi (with mysqlnd driver) doesn't work";

    Upload this file to your website and run it; the result will be the same. As you see, PHP installation on your server reports that some MySQLi/mysqlnd functions don't exist, not the installer. As a result, only your hosting provider can fix this issue.

    • My hosting provider says MySQLi/mysqlnd is installed.
      No, it's not installed. If your hosting provider still says so, show them *.php file which you just created and ask why PHP installation on server reports that some MySQLi/mysqlnd function don't exist then.
    • My phpinfo() shows MySQLi/mysqlnd is installed.
      While this might be true, a record about MySQLi/mysqlnd in phpinfo() doesn't mean these modules are working properly. In other words, they might be installed, but not configured properly. The most common situation: both modules are installed on server, but they are not configured to work with each other. In other words, they operate separately; therefore, PHP installation on server correctly displays error that some MySQLi/mysqlnd functions don't exist.
    • I have my own server, and hosting provider can't help me.
      In this situation, please contact your server administrator for more details. If you administer server yourself and don't know how to properly configure PHP, your best choice is to contact some server management company. An experienced server administrator can fix such a problem with your PHP installation in less than 5 minutes.

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