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    Hello and welcome to support forums!

    Being a licensed user, you are eligible for 2 different types of support: high priority (your questions are answered within few hours on business days and within 24 hours on weekends and holidays), and low priority (your questions are answered within 24 hours on business days, no support on weekends and holidays).

    The type of support you receive depends on your message itself, so we provide step-by-step instructions how to get both types of support. Choose any you like!

    How to get high priority support:

    • Read documentation and Help section. Documentation (included in installation package) and Help section (available inside administration dashboard of all phpmillion tools) cover almost every single feature of software and is the best resource to find answers to most of your questions.
    • Use forum search. Go to forums index and look for the Search field. Enter a part of your question and you will be presented with instant answers and solutions.
    • Describe every step and error. If you experience problem, we can only solve it if you describe every single step to reproduce this issue.
    • Include login details. In case of some error, include URLs and login credentials for: administration dashboard of item you need help with, FTP, phpmyadmin (or hosting control panel).
    • Make your posts public. Support forums allow you to mark individual posts as private, so only you and us see them. This option should only be used for posts that contain sensitive information (such as login credentials of your FTP server, etc.), while other replies must be public.
    • Submit new topics for different questions. If you submitted some question that was answered, but you have a different question later, create new topic for your new question. Also, never use other clients' topics to ask your questions; create your own topic instead.

    How to get low priority support:

    • All you have to do is ignore high priority support requirements listed above, so we can mark your question as low priority and respond to it within 1 business day, just as you wish.

    The choice is yours!

    As per Envato terms of service, response time is 1 business day.
    Rate our product and enjoy complimentary support during non-business hours and weekends!

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